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Best Practices for Voice Search SEO

Why Your Business Needs Voice Search SEO Like mobile-devices, voice search is here to stay! Voice search is a speech recognition technology that allows you to voice-command the search engines. Voice search and/or mobile assistants are becoming increasingly popular even among younger generations. Voice search is growing in popularity for a variety of reasons. It's [...]

Why Your Business Needs Website and Graphic Design Services

Website and Graphic Design Services Help Grow Your Following In today’s digital world, it’s not enough to simply fill your website with words. Successful business websites are strategically planned and complete with SEO optimized content. A web designer is familiar with technical algorithms and ways to help business’ succeed in the online marketplace. Most importantly, [...]

Why Your Business Needs PPC Management

PPC Management Can Help Your Business Thrive Take a moment and think about your latest internet search. Chances are you found what you were looking for on the first search engine results page (SERP). Now, what if you didn’t find what you were looking for on the first page? Did you click on the next [...]

Why Customer Experience Still Matters& How to Use It

Customer Experience 101 Customer experience marketing is a strategy that helps you focus your marketing efforts on how the customer is experiencing your products or services. If a potential customer expresses interest in a product or service, you want to meet their needs every step of the way. COVID-19 has dramatically changed the marketing world, [...]

Ways Your Business Can Build a Virtual Community during the Pandemic

Virtual Community Can Help Your Business Thrive During COVID-19 The power of technology helps us stay connected in unprecedented ways. For almost two decades, the internet has helped human beings stay in contact from all over the world. The rise of social media has revolutionized the way we socialize, receive, and process information. Needless to [...]

Top Working From Home Tips

Are You Up to Date on the Best Working From Home Tips and Strategies? The global spread of COVID-19 is keeping people indoors. According to the CDC, basic hygiene practices and social distancing measures can help lessen the spread of the novel coronavirus. The duration and impact of the virus has impacted the workplace indefinitely. [...]

Top 5 Virtual Networking Practices in 2020

Top 5 Virtual Networking Practices in 2020 COVID-19 may have sent us indoors, but business has not slowed down. Remote workers and business owners are working harder than ever to meet their customers’ needs and goals. Virtual Networking keeps businesses and customers connected. Before COVID-19 virtual networking did not mean what it does today. Now, [...]

The Benefits of Rapid Web Design

The Benefits of Rapid Web Design Let’s say you just started a business. Perhaps your website either needs a makeover or a new website all together. As a business owner, you don’t have time to wait a month or longer for a web design or development company to get it right. If you want to [...]

How Reputation Management Can Help Your Business Grow

Why Reputation Management? While the customer may always be right, your business’s reputation is not in their hands. Reputation management puts you in charge of your business’s good name. Reputation Management services should be comprehensive. A Reputation Manager oversees every aspect of customer reviews so you can use them to your advantage. Did You Know? [...]

Best Virtual Marketing Strategies during the Pandemic

Virtual Marketing Strategies Can Help Your Business Thrive During COVID-19 The recent novel coronavirus has changed the world indefinitely. With more brick and mortar businesses shutting down and valued employees getting furloughed, the busy world has had no choice but to retreat indoors. While there are many benefits to working from home, isolation can take [...]

Best Virtual Customer Experience Practices in 2020

Virtual Customer Experience Practices Help Your Company Grow during the Pandemic COVID-19 has changed the world in a short amount of time. In the marketing world, the customer’s journey and satisfaction is not what it was a year ago. The novel coronavirus has made many populations even more vulnerable. Customers in need of products and [...]

Top 3 Video Marketing Trends for 2020

Video Marketing Trends in 2020 Video marketing has taken the world by storm. 2020 has been full of challenges and surprises for marketers, but one trend has remained the same:video marketing is on the rise and here to stay.The ever changing digital marketing world can be overwhelming for small business owners. The good news is [...]

Best Remote Team Building Activities for Your Business

Best Remote Team Building Activities for Your Business Working at home has become the norm. Even before COVID-19 many people opted for careers that allowed them to work from home. Remote team building activities can strengthen your business no matter what’s going on in the world. Virtual icebreakers, games, and more help remote workers feel [...]

Best Customer Retention Practices During COVID-19

How to Keep Customer Retention During the Pandemic It’s no secret that COVID-19 has caused economic insecurity across the U.S. Recent business closures and the rise of unemployment has led the customer to rethink their spending. Depending on one’s situation, families and individuals have had to cut back on their spending and only focus on [...]

2020 Facebook Marketing Trends You Can’t Ignore

2020 Facebook Marketing Trends You Can’t Ignore Is Your Business Making Use of These Top Facebook Marketing Trends Facebook trends may come and go, but one thing remains the same: your business needs a Facebook marketing strategy. Social Media Marketing is an effective form of inbound marketing. Like other social media channels, Facebook lets you [...]

Why Your Business Needs Voice Search SEO

Why Your Business Needs Voice Search SEO Like mobile-devices, voice search is here to stay! Voice search is a speech recognition technology that allows you to voice-command the search engines. Voice search and/or mobile assistants are becoming increasingly popular even among younger generations. Voice search is growing in popularity for a variety of reasons. It's [...]

Use Social Media Stories to Connect with Your Audience

Why Your Business Should Use Social Media Stories Social Media Stories are temporary, mobile videos or images that appear outside your social media feed. Stories are one of the most popular social media features to date. Like all great content, social media stories exist to entertain, inform, or achieve a particular goal or outcome. Top [...]

Social Media Marketing: Try Out These Popular Types of Interactive Content

Interactive Content can help your business stand out from the crowd There’s no getting around it. In 2020, website visitors are picky about their content. From video marketing to social media optimization, quality content is a MUST. But how do you know which content to focus on? We believe that interactive content is worth your [...]

MSDS Entrepreneurs Gets Close and Personal

What is MSDS Entrepreneurs? MSDS Entrepreneurs is a top Houston marketing agency and web development company with clients all over the country. We believe that our clients are our partners, and that rapid web design and inbound marketing packages should be affordable and easy to implement. We pride ourselves in being a Houston company.Houston, TX [...]

How to Implement a Successful Content Marketing Strategy for Your Business

Your Business Needs a Content Marketing Strategy A successful content marketing strategy is a must-have in your inbound marketing package. Content marketing is a proven strategy that helps you engage with your customers, grow your audience, and boost your sales. Your content matches your client’s unique needs and concerns. It shows why your services are [...]

The Benefits of Personalized Marketing

Why Your Business Needs Personalized Marketing Imagine a day in the life of the customer: They can hardly turn on their computers without getting bombarded with advertisements, requests, offerings, promotions and more. They are overwhelmed, irritated, and lost. As a business owner, you don't want to lose them. This is where personalized marketing comes into [...]

Artificial Intelligence and Small Businesses

Artificial Intelligence and Small Businesses Work Together! Artificial Intelligence (AI) is made to help humans perform our jobs better. While AI has been a source of inspiration for Sci-Fi and Horror films, AI is a practical and informative tool that can work to a small business owner's advantage. AI and small businesses help each other [...]

Customer Service Tactics 2020: How to Build a Facebook Chatbot

Why You Should Build a Facebook Chatbot for Your Business As you might have heard, Artificial Intelligence is taking over the marketing world. Chatbots and other communication tools help customers find what they're looking for while shopping online. There are many benefits to different types of chatbots, and the Facebook Chatbot is a great place [...]

Marketing Funnels for Small Businesses Explained

Everything You Need to Know about Marketing Funnels for Small Businesses As you know, conversions turn website visitors into customers. Conversion rate optimization or CRO is a very important part of marketing because it has the power to increase your revenue. One way to increase your revenue is to use marketing funnels. Marketing funnels or sales [...]

Conversational Marketing 101: Chat and Messaging

Use Chat and Messaging to your advantage with conversational marketing Conversational marketing is a new and personal approach to interacting with customers online. Remember the simple days of, "You've got Mail?" Flash forward to 2020, and your expertly-crafted email goes unnoticed in the overloaded inboxes of customers and business professionals. There has to be a [...]

What is A-B Testing and How Does it Help Small Businesses?

What is A-B Testing and Why do You Need it? At MSDS Entrepreneurs, we care about web development and inbound marketing strategies that help your business get results. A-B testing, also known as "bucket testing" compares two versions of a webpage to see which one performs better.  It's not as complicated as it sounds. Here we'll [...]

How to Get Google to Index Your Site

Here's how to get Google to Index Your Site Is your website included in the Google Index? If not, you want Google to index your site as soon as possible. Why? Google Index lets your custom site's content be included in search engine results. In other words, if Google doesn't index your site, then your [...]

Inbound Marketing and Public Relations in 2020

Inbound Marketing and Public Relations Go Hand-in Hand. You may have heard the terms inbound marketing and publication relations used interchangeably. Truthfully, there are a number of differences between marketing and PR, and they can all work to your advantage. But first, the basics! PR is defined as "a strategic communication process that builds mutually [...]

The 2020 Guide to Advertising on Instagram

Your Guide to Advertising on Instagram This Year Do you remember the last time you saw an Instagram ad? Perhaps you saw one while scrolling through your feed. Advertising on Instagram is a creative and inexpensive way to grow your following and boost sales. Instagram has over 1 billion users worldwide.  No wonder marketers have [...]

Top 3 Video Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Are you ready to grow your audience? Learn how with these top video marketing tips for small businesses Video marketing is taking the content world by storm, and small businesses can use video to their advantage. In 2020, more businesses are using video to engage with their audience. Studies show that video content will account [...]

Small Business Guide: The Best Tools Used for Big Data Analytics

Are you familiar with the tools used for Big Data Analytics? Big Data analytics is the process of analyzing market trends, complex patterns, and customer preferences so businesses can make better decisions.  Sounds complicated, right? Fortunately, Big Data can be understood through a number of helpful analytics tools so your business can stay on top [...]

This Year’s Best Conversion Rate Optimization Practices

The best conversion rate optimization practices will help your business soar. Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the process of turning website visitors into customers. This is done by enhancing your web content so your current visitors complete a desired goal. This could be filling out a web page, signing up for a seminar, or subscribing [...]

Top 2020 Email Marketing Strategies

Grow your list with this year's top email marketing strategies In 2020 it may feel as though email has gone out of style. With all the different ways people communicate these days, an email may come across as a bit old fashioned. Like it or not, email is here to stay, and your business needs [...]

Ways to Grow Your Facebook Page Following in 2020 Part 1

Ways to Grow Your Facebook Page Following in 2020 – Part 1 Once upon a time, driving traffic to your website through the search engine was easy. Great content, a powerful message, and traditional advertising helped grow businesses large and small. Flash forward to 2020 and the world of SEO is much more competitive. Great [...]

How to Use LinkedIn Analytics

Use LinkedIn Analytics to Grow Your Following. LinkedIn rates as one of the highest professional networking sites around. What started as a career building site has since become a highlight of inbound marketing for businesses big and small. From talent acquisition to B2B marketing strategies, LinkedIn is the g0-to platform for businesses to boost their [...]

2020 Trends: Why Your Business Needs Video Marketing

2020 Trends: Why You Should Use Video Marketing As you may have noticed, videos have become increasingly relevant in all kinds of digital marketing strategies. In fact, experts say that video will account for 79 percent of global mobile data traffic by 2022. That means there will be 1.9 billion internet video users. There’s no [...]

SMO: Best LinkedIn Strategies for Small Businesses

Social Media Optimization and LinkedIn Social Media Optimization is a key component to your overall inbound marketing strategy. Developing a LinkedIn marketing strategy should be a highlight of your social media marketing plan. With over 600 million users on LinkedIn today, you don't want to miss the opportunity to boost your following on one of [...]

Understanding the Difference between SEO and SEM

To SEO or SEM? They sound a lot alike, and they are similar to an extent. But SEO and SEM differ more than just in letters. Though they accomplish the same task, the difference between SEO and SEM is that SEO includes organic strategies while SEM is paid. There is no right or wrong strategy. [...]

Best SEO Practices for New Websites in 3 Steps

Is your business website SEO-approved?   SEO or search engine optimization is what gets you found on the web. This is the process of using search engine (like Google) best practices to increase your website visibility. The goal is to have your website or webpage appear higher in the rankings on a search engine results [...]

Top 4 SEO Copywriting Tips for Your Business

Revamp your business website with these SEO Copywriting Tips There's no way around it. Your business website and blog must be SEO-friendly. The right words combined with the right strategy saves your company time and money. It can also spark new leads on a variety of platforms. The secret is mastering the best SEO copywriting [...]

This Week’s Top SEO Tips for Small Businesses

Is your business ready for this week's top SEO tips & stories? Ready or not, here they are! SEO is easy when you have a strong team and longterm strategy. But as with everything in the marketing world, trends can change weekly if not at any given moment. MSDS Entrepreneurs is committed to keeping you [...]

How to Write a SEO Friendly Blog

Why your business needs a SEO friendly blog: You already know that blogging can convert readers into leads. An effective blog engages with your readers interests and needs. In a time of pandemics and economic uncertainties, it's important that your team knows how to write a SEO friendly blog. Displaying words on a screen is not [...]

Keep Your Business in the Loop : How to Use Google Trends for SEO

Google Trends is Your SEO Strategy's Best Friend Google Trends is a Google-owned website that analyzes the top search queries over a certain period of time. A basic understanding of Google Trends and its uses will help you create quality, content that will increase traffic and sales. We'll show you how to use Google trends for [...]

A Quick Guide to Houston’s Small Business Recovery Fund

Has your business been impacted by COVID-19? Last week applications opened for Harris County's $30 million small business recovery fund program. The small business recovery fund or SBRF prioritizes small, low income businesses that have not received funds from other COVID-19 relief programs. Harris County received these funds through the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic [...]

What is SMO?: Social Media Optimization 101

"What is SMO," you might ask? You are not alone! Like SEO and SEM, social media optimization, or SMO is a necessary part of your inbound marketing strategy. Why should you care about SMO? Social media platforms help you connect with customers or clients directly. They provide easy ways to share valuable, original content, grow your [...]

Effective Storytelling for Business in 3 Easy Steps

Effective Storytelling for Business in 3 Easy Steps   Think of a person or a business who had a huge influence on your business journey. What makes them stand out in your mind? Why do you care about their message? Do you want to share their message with the world? If yes, then chances are [...]

Top Content Marketing Trends in 2020

Are you familiar with the top Content Marketing Trends in 2020? If not, time to get creative! As we've already mentioned, content is a key component to your inbound marketing strategy Remember that content is not an experiment. It's a proven strategy that helps you engage with your customers and lead to more sales. Your [...]

Best Instagram Marketing Strategies for 2020

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms today. With 1 billion users and 25 million businesses, Instagram has become a top destination for marketers. By now your business should be active on Instagram. A surefire way to see the results you desire is to understand the best Instagram marketing strategies for 2020. [...]

Healthcare Marketing Strategies During COVID-19

Healthcare Marketing Strategies During COVID-19  The surge of COVID-19 cases have impacted businesses nationwide. With new cases rising every day, healthcare marketers must respond to the challenges of the new normal. While healthcare marketers may not be on the front lines of fighting the novel coronavirus, their efforts will shape how internet users can receive [...]

Ways to Grow Your Facebook Following in 2020 Part II

Ways to Grow Your Facebook Following in 2020-Part II   By now you know that there are many different ways to grow your Facebook following this year. In our last post on social media marketing strategies, we explored a couple of different organic reach strategies. Now you’re ready to learn how and why your business [...]

3 Ways to Identify Your Social Media Target Audience

3 Ways to Identify Your Social Media Target Audience  There’s no way around it. Social Media Marketing is one of the most important ways to engage with customers. Your social media target audience includes current and future buyers who identify with your product or message. Social Media trends change each year and so can the [...]

How to Use an SEO Competitor Analysis Tool for Business Prosperity

How to Use an SEO Competitor Analysis Tool for Business Prosperity  It doesn’t matter what industry you are in. Competition is an unavoidable aspect of running a business whether you’re a digital advertising agency or a brick-and-mortar company. In the marketing world, the competition for sales, leads, and website traffic never ends. Like it or [...]

How to Edit a Business Listing on Google in 3 Easy Steps

When customers search for businesses online, they want to make sure that business is active and credible. The last thing you want them to see is an incomplete listing. New changes for your business can be exciting, but you want to make sure your customers are in the loop so they know your business is […]

4 steps to Creating a Content Strategy for a Website that gets found on Google

4 steps to creating a content strategy for a  website that gets found on Google In today’s digital landscape, everyone leaves a digital footprint whether they like it or not. Luckily for small businesses and brands, it can be a very good way to boost visibility and marketing capabilities without breaking the bank.  One of [...]

Why Businesses Need Market Research To Build A Great Website

Size doesn’t matter. Businesses NEED market research to build a great website whether the company is large or small. Creating or redesigning a website involves a multi-step process that assesses the business’s goals, needs, customer base, competitors and budget. In previous blog posts, we overview all the steps to create a custom website. We also [...]

Web Design Discovery Phase: Why Information Gathering is the Most Important Step in Web Design

Most business owners recognize the importance of having a website. Websites are a useful tool for gathering new customers and deepening relationships with existing customers. But, simply having a website may not be effective enough. Many are using their websites as an electronic business card. Think for a second about how people use business cards. [...]

COVID-19 Disaster Relief: A Resource Guide for Small Business Recovery in Texas

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is sweeping through the United States. It’s claiming lives and forcing us into an economic recession. Because businesses have to responsibly follow stay home orders, many have temporarily closed their doors. We’ve put together this resource page for small business recovery information to help Texas businesses survive and fight back from [...]

What is a Custom Website & 7 Ways Your Small Business Will Benefit from Having One

If there’s any chance you did not appreciate the value of having a website, you probably do now. The COVID-19 stay home orders that forced customers indoors and businesses to close should have changed your mind. Government orders to enforce social distancing put a halt to most small businesses in big cities like Houston, Texas [...]

10 Tips For Writing A Blog That Converts Readers Into Leads

In 2020, blogging is an inexpensive opportunity for businesses to build brand awareness, drive traffic to their websites and attract more customers for the ultimate goal of increasing sales. But, not all blogs are created equal. Some get little to no traffic and don’t boost company sales. In the wake of this year’s COVID-19 global [...]

How to Generate High Quality Leads on a Budget

Every business needs to generate good leads to grow, but every budget has different limitations. The good news is, you don’t have to spend any money at all to start getting leads immediately. All you need is a willingness to be a little outgoing coupled with a touch of creativity. What Does It Mean To [...]

5 Steps to Get Started on Email Marketing 

Just in case you’re on the fence about whether email marketing is worth the time or money, let’s get you off of it. To a staggering degree, email marketing is a worthwhile investment! How’s a ROI of 122% sound? That’s right, companies are seeing an average return of $1.22 for every $1 spent on email [...]

Is Rebranding Right for Your Business? How to Identify the Signs

Before we jump into rebranding, let’s review what branding is. Branding, at its simplest, is a marketing concept that involves establishing a distinct image and voice for your company. In our previous article, "Branding 101: Understanding the Process, Benefits, and Costs", we discuss all the important aspects of branding a company. If you’re not 100% [...]

Branding 101: Understanding the Process, Benefits and Costs

Starting a new business is so exciting! For many, opening a business is the most exciting part of the journey. You choose your company’s name and create your logo. You’re inspired by your mission statement and, perhaps, you’ve launched a website and social media pages. It’s all so exhilarating, but, in all your planning & [...]

Are Zillow Agent Websites a Smart Investment?

Zillow is a dominant online real estate platform. Zillow.com is frequently visited by approximately 36 million visitors per month! Due to its enormous popularity, it launched Zillow Premier Agent Websites, giving local agents an easy way to create their own websites. In this digital age of real estate, agents must have websites, but more importantly, [...]

Why 8 Out of 10 Real Estate Agents Fail & How To Avoid the Pitfalls

Several scary statistics loom on the internet regarding the extremely high failure rate of real estate agents. The rate at which agents quit varies, depending on the source, but the overwhelming average tells us that every 8 out of 10 real estate agents will walk away from the business within their first five years. If [...]

5 Proven Real Estate Referral Sources & How to Use Them to Get Leads

Real estate agents survive off leads. Without a consistent flow of leads coming in, you won’t be able to generate business. To improve your chances of success as a Realtor, you need to cultivate several referral streams to feed your business continually. There are many referral sources available to agents, but we will dive into [...]

Building your Real Estate Business with Strategic Partnerships (Part II)

In Part One of this series, we discussed the criteria that defines what makes an individual or company a good partner. In review, to be considered a well-matched partner, each business should meet the following criteria: 1. They are non-competing 2. They share the same target audience 3. They have a good reputation Weighing in [...]

Building your Real Estate Business with Strategic Partnerships (Part I)

Building your Real Estate Business Part I 50% No man is an island, especially in the real estate profession. To give your real estate business the best chance to thrive, put some time and consideration into building your network with strategic partnerships. To do this effectively, you have to remember that this is a strategic [...]

How Much Do Real Estate Agents Make in Texas?

Are you considering a new career in real estate? Starting a real estate business as an agent is exciting, but it takes a fair amount of preparation before getting started. New agents must build their businesses from the ground up. That means that you will have to invest in yourself and be patient as you [...]

Choosing a Broker: How to Find Your Best Match

Selecting a broker is a necessary step in every agent’s career. The state of Texas requires all individuals who hold an agent’s license to have a sponsoring agent. This must be registered with the Texas Real Estate Commission. If an agent is not sponsored by a broker, his or her license will be deemed inactive [...]

How to Become a SUCCESSFUL Real Estate Agent in Texas

A Guide for Budding Entrepreneurs If you want to be a rockstar agent, this guide is for you! We will take you through the entire process of becoming a licensed agent and give you sound steps to successfully launch your career. No matter where in Texas you live, all aspiring real estate agents must take [...]

Connect with New Clients:4 Effective Digital Market Tools for Realtors

Experienced real estate agents know that word of mouth referrals is one of the best ways to get new clients. However, the growth in technology and its increased mobility is changing the way buyers & sellers are looking for properties & agents. According to the National Association of Realtors’ most recent report on Real Estate [...]

Inbound Marketing: What It Is and Why You Need It Now

If you’ve been googling ways to drive traffic to your website and grow your small business online, chances are, you have seen the term inbound marketing or lists of its strategies. Understanding inbound marketing, its phases and techniques can be overwhelming if you’re like the typical small business owner. You know your business, but how [...]

5 Home Staging Trends for 2020

As we enter a brand new year, most people are looking for ways to reinvent themselves or make personal improvements. The new year is also a great time to embrace fresh trends in home decorating and design.  Home staging helps potential buyers to see a space as their own. It is especially useful in helping [...]

Future Trends For Mobile Apps In Healthcare

The healthcare and medical industry have shown real promise and growth in the past decades. The field has made great strides in finiding cures for diseases, and provisioning basic medicine and relief materials. We can thank the medical practitioners for the increased life expectancy that we humans enjoy in this day and age. Today medicine [...]

Things to Know About Healthcare Marketing

The goal of health systems management is to make sure that optimal results are achieved in health care business. They make sure that every department in the facility runs smoothly. Management is there to make sure that the clinic or hospital's resources are being utilized in a way that mutually benefits all departments. What is [...]

10 Vital Features Every Medical Website Needs

A medical website brings quality medical assistance to their clients. The correct mix of digital advertising and search engine optimization can lead to more patients to the site. For any medical website to run successfully, the following factors are essential: A distinct value scheme in the headings: The value proposition put up on the website [...]

15 Web Design and UI/UX trends for 2019

This year has been off to a great start – which makes this a perfect time to discuss the hottest design trends for this year. Let's get down to reviewing some of the more popular trends in user interface designs that are making waves in the inter-web right now. 1. Full-screen background images 2. Several [...]

I need a web designer to create a website! Can anyone help?

A web designer is a person responsible for visual appearance, usability and the designing of layout of the website. Both technical as well as graphic skills are necessary for a good web designer. Web designers use a lot of tools, but their basic idea of implementation remains the same. A web designer helps in creating [...]

Web Development Versus Web Design

Website development and designing give a close representation of one another, although they are vaguely alike. Web design refers to the usability of the website while designing deals with the functioning. Let us look further into these two topics. Web Designing: Web designing inculcates various principles and disciplines into the maintenance and production of websites. [...]

Is Google Web Designer Good for Creating Websites?

What is web designing? Web designing often refers to the creation of the front-end of the website, i.e. the interface that is visible to the public with which you interact to perform functions. So web design Houston includes all the graphics, information, ads and other multimedia that you see on a webpage. Web designers often require a [...]

Twitter Ain’t Quite Bitter; Reconsider!

Twitters from the Birds The agility of Twitter can be intimidating yet captivating! By providing access to the mass of individuals swiftly, you will be soaring to new heights! Confession Time This post comes late due to Twitter blocking me until the date of my birth was confirmation I exist and of age to use the [...]

Thinking Again About LinkedIn

Using the Other One As a professional networking outlet, LinkedIn ranks as one of the highest. Yes, LinkedIn is comparable with Facebook. However, LinkedIn is the more serious of the two. People use LinkedIn for business matters more than Facebook. LinkedIn provides qualified paths of discovery and communication (ESPECIALLY LOCALLY)!!! By incorporating this social media [...]

Networking Businesses Around Social Media

AS I WAS SAYING MONDAY! Social Media web platforms presently provide businesses with the networking opportunities that will benefit their company with growth. I may provide information in this post that you are already familiar with. Allow this to be a refreshing post for yourself and perhaps add your own comments or responses for us to share. [...]

Social Media Marketing: Monday Topic Mention

This afternoon my post will be a short announcement for Thursday's upcoming blog post based around Social Media Marketing! What Social Media Is To begin, if any of y'all have yet to be involved with the hype, social media basically involves multiple web platforms centered upon socializing with others. Social Media has been around for quite [...]

Allow Yourself an Intro to Web Development

Good afternoon to y'all! Today I have the pleasure of providing simple, basic material based on the Importance of Web Development in the Realm of Business. I will try to my best to keep thoughts organized, informative, and beneficial to your time and effort to read (and hopefully apply). Web Development If you are thinking [...]

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