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Dental Marketing in Houston

Why Do I Need Digital Marketing for My Local Dental Practice?

You’ve spent countless hours on education and preparation to become a dental professional. You’ve found the perfect location to establish your dental practice. You’ve put a lot of thought and effort into making the space a place that properly represents your style and professionalism. You’ve hired the right staff to assist in running your dental office. Now, you must get new patients. How do you get the patients you need in order to grow your dental practice in Houston or in any town?

The answer is: Marketing. There are two types of marketing strategies for you to choose- outbound and inbound. Outbound marketing, also known as traditional marketing, includes TV/radio advertisements, newspaper advertising, direct mail (postcards, brochures) and display ads in the Yellow Pages. Inbound marketing (digital marketing) uses methods like content marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), blogs, PPC and analytics. The goal of inbound marketing is to bring potential customers into your business. In contrast, the outbound goal is to push your service and products out. Traditional marketing still has its place in marketing for dentists, but not as a standalone strategy.

Did you know that…

80% of people have used the internet to make a health care-related search.

(Source: Of that 80%, 63% will
choose one provider over another because of a strong online presence.

With so many Americans using the internet to find and select their healthcare providers, it’s important for you to build your online presence with digital marketing for dentists.

DIY Websites Versus Professionally Developed Dental Practice Websites

You are responsible for ensuring compliance with federal and local laws Compliant with HIPAA and ADA guidelines for accessibility
Easy to use with limited function Easy to use with complete functionality
Time-consuming to complete Dedicated web design team responsible for 100% of website completion
Missing SEO features Fully optimized with SEO content, custom-written by a professional writer
Non-responsive Websites Responsive websites allowing patients a proper experience on any type of device
Impersonal customer service Speak with a dedicated professional who is ready to assist you
Little or no room for future expansion Expand as much as necessary as your dental practice grows

Grow Your Dental Practice

What we are offering:

Complete Inbound Marketing for Dentists

As a part of our digital marketing services for dentists, you will consult with our marketing
strategists to customize a plan for your dental practice. This plan will cover all stages of
your inbound marketing strategy. Here, we assist you in defining your brand, identifying
target audiences, researching competitors, and creating a unique company voice to promote
your dental practice. Some of our customers’ favorite services are social media marketing,
CRM management and SEO marketing for dentists in Houston and beyond.

The team at MSDS Entrepreneurs develops and administers the following parts of your
digital marketing strategy. Take a look at the stages below.

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Professional Websites with Strong Design

Your website speaks volumes about your brand and your dental practice. With most American
patients using the internet to search for healthcare providers, you want to make a strong
impression. Every dentist needs a professionally-designed website that captures the essence
of your dental practice. This is a solid way to influence potential patients to visit your
dental office. Your website visitors will be able to learn about the dentists in your
practice, your policies, procedures, and have access to forms. If you would like to
advertise specials, coupons or promotions, your website is an excellent way to showcase it!
Most importantly, your dental website can include options to request or book an appointment

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Reputation Management for Dentists

Nearly half of all people who searched for a new dentist on Google chose a new dentist
based on online reviews. (Source: Ironmonk)

MSDS Entrepreneurs is partnered with BirdEye©
to oversee your reputation by managing your online reviews. Through automated software, we
will automatically send requests for reviews to your existing customer via email or SMS. Our
digital marketing strategists personalize these requests for consistency with your brand
voice and style. We monitor patient reviews from over 150 sites and alert you if a negative
review is posted. This allows you to respond quickly to your most critical reviews and
provide a swift resolution. Every review is managed on one simple and easy-to-use dashboard.
You do the hard work of being a dentist and we will protect your excellent reputation online
while helping you to grow your practice.

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About Us

MSDS is a digital marketing agency in Houston, Texas. We are a team of experts with over 20 years
experience in information technology, business development, web design and marketing. We
understand that while large markets provide great opportunity, business owners and professionals
are also faced with a great amount of competition. We developed digital marketing and website
solutions specifically for dentists who are committed to growing their dental practices. To
learn more about how we can work for you, contact us.