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Introducing a new kind of medical website that goes beyond static information pages but provides an all-in-one central hub for your medical practice’s current and prospective patients.

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How are patients finding out about your medical practice?

The old way

Multiple non targeted marketing techniques that are expensive and extremely difficult to test for effectiveness, such as:
  • Newspaper ad placements?
  • Local neighborhood leaflet drops?
  • Billboard adverts outside your medical practice?
  • Local radio and TV ads?

THe new way

Creating an amazing medical online hub for patients that fully harnesses the power of the internet which now has over 1.9 billion active websites with over 250 million daily Google searches for health information globally.
You (and your team) can now eliminate the second guessing and know exactly what your prospective patients are searching for online and you can reach out to them and serve them better both online and in-clinic.

Our testimonials

This is the first time we are using MSDS for our medical practice online hub and we have already seen a 25% increase in telephone and online enquiries  related to our areas of specialization at the center.
Dr.Charles template,

Since switching our website over to the MSDS designed web platform, our new patient count has gone up 18% above average within one month of going live.
Dr.Charlotte Li,

MD. Dallas TX
Couldn’t believe how easy it so for patients to access our new booking platform and interact with our staff all online. It’s an amazing platform for both our patients and our staff.
Dr.Chris Wen,

MD. Washington DC

It’s Not Your Ordinary Medical Practice Website.

It’s the new Home for Your Practice

We create the world’s best websites for medical practice that are easily accessible for patients using a single URL and are well optimized for mobile and desktop devices, anytime and anywhere.


Our goal is to help you get the correct mix of digital advertising and search engine optimization that will lead to the most amount of patient traffic to your new site. We focus on the following key design pillars for maximum effect:

Amazing website

  • Designed to make a lasting first impression every single time
  • Fast upload speeds
  • Strong value proposition and persuasive headlines
  • Warm lifestyle photos

Easy to find Display of Contact and Doctor Information

  • Clearly displayed contact information for patients to call in or email
  • Easily displayed practice doctor information with key specializations
  • Warm and welcoming professionally taken photos of all doctors

Seamless Online Enabled Direct Booking Platform

  • Real time calendar availability of all practice doctors available for patients
  • Eliminate doctor appointment overlaps
  • Allow patient autonomy in booking times
  • Free up front-office staff to attend to in-clinic patients

responsive design

  • World class design philosophies that blend elegance with fast loading speeds
  • Professionally optimized for both mobile and desktop devices
  • Great graphics and lifestyle pictures that bring the site to life

We also focus on building a site that has:

  • Persuasively articulated Specialized Medical Areas the center is known for.
  • Trust building detailed Doctor Credentials in a layman’s English.
  • A Patient Resource Section discussing a range of topics such as basic appointment procedures, accepted health insurance, patient instructions, and patient forms.
  • Patient Testimonials that provide third party assurance of your great services.
  • An active Blog that systematically answers your patient’s frequently asked questions, discusses topical health news items and other relevant research articles in line with the center’s search engine data insights and targets.
  • Payment Information details that are clearly laid out and easy to follow for patients who need to make payments to the center, including online payment capability.


How is Your Search Engine Optimization?

Over 90% of people search for local organizations online, and that includes medical practices! Our design team has ensured that our website platform is engineered to rank highly in search engines
Ranking high on page one of Google, Bing or any other search engine is driven by a few key things mainly page strong page load speed optimizations, high quality clean code, and custom SEO to maximize each page.
Your new online home is tailored to be super friendly on all those fronts and will be liked by search engines.

reputation management

Let’s begin with a quick look at recent statistics about online reviews:
Nearly ALL consumers (97 percent) now use online media when researching products or services in their local area. (BIA/ Kelsey)
72% of consumers won’t take action before they read some reviews. (Source: My Testimonial Engine )
The average consumer reads 10 reviews before feeling able to trust a business (Source: Brightlocal)
According to the results of several recent studies, consumer buying behavior is largely based upon customer reviews. Because there is no way for you to please 100% of the consumers who interact with your business, negative reviews are possible. It’s scary to think that a few bad comments can sink your business, while you helplessly sit by, but…
There is good news. You ARE in control of your reputation

Your business’s reputation is not entirely in the hands of past or potential customers. Through the use of reputation management, you will be in charge of protecting your business’s good name. Our reputation management,service is comprehensive. We cover every aspect of customer reviews, empowering you to fearlessly use them to your advantage.


World class support

Your team will have immediate access to our technical support team, available through live chat and one on one skype strategy sessions, as well as a private [Facebook] group of non-competing medical practice where site administrators get to interact and share industry best practices.
We are here for you and your team, all the way through.
Got Questions? Ask an expert today, email our team at [email protected] and one of our expert advisors will get back to you.


Let’s connect.

If you would like to chat further or if you have questions on how best to set up your medical practice website or anything else discussed above, feel free to send us a note, we would love to hear from you and we can have no obligation chat.
You can email our team at [email protected] and one of our expert advisors will be sure to get back to you within 24 to 48 Hours.

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