Rapid Web Design

We Build Your Business’ Website In Under One Week

We Build Your Business’ Website In Under One Week

Rapid Web Design for your company

We deliver affordable web design FAST! Your business needs a quality website as soon as possible. In the digital landscape, you need a trustworthy website to prove your relevance to visitors and the search engines. Our team will deliver you a quality, SEO-driven website in less than 7 days.



    / one time

    • 1 One Page Website
    • Up to two revisions
    • Site Publishing
    • Add-Ons / Enhancements Available


    / one time

    • 5 Template Web Pages
    • Up to two revisions
    • Site Publishing
    • Add-Ons / Enhancements Available


    / one time

    • 8 Template Web Pages
    • Up to two revisions
    • Site Publishing
    • Add-Ons / Enhancements Available

Our Rapid Web Design Package Includes:

Template Website Design
Mobile Responsive
Layout Selection
Search Engine OptimizationAdd-OnAdd-OnAdd-OnAdd-On
Information Pages
Online Store Add-On$200$200$200$200
Web Pages158Get a quote
Web Copywriting (700 words per page)$150 per page/700 word$150 per page/700 word$150 per page/700 wordGet a quote
WordPress Website Maintenance$200/mo$200/mo$200/moGet a quote
Additional Web Pages$100 per page$100 per page$100 per page$100 per page
Dedicated Account Rep
Video Placement
One-time two hours of consultation and Training
Custom CSS or Javascript Work$95 per hour
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How can we help you grow your business?


At MSDS Entrepreneurs our objective is to take your business, big or small, to the next level. We use the latest and most innovative technologies available in the following:

  • Mobile app
  • Web development
  • Website designing
  • Digital Marketing

Our team is our strength and we have carefully built a committed team, comprised of experts who recognize the power of collaboration. Together, we will accomplish our objective of delivering the most effective solutions for your business.

  • Exceptional Website
  • Social Media Presence
  • Capture Visitor Data
  • Interpret the Data so you can make the informed decision about your business
  • Increase followers
  • Increase emil Subscribers list

Choose Your Template

Staffing and Recruiting #1

Educational management #2

Insurance #3

Food and Beverage #4

Accounting #5

Retail #7

Doctor #8

Lawyer #9

What is templated website ?

A website template is a pre-designed resource that shows the layout and features of your potential website. Web templates make web design faster and smarter for developers and small business owners. Templates are built through HTML and CSS and may include features such as banners, titles, round images, etc. They may include .jpg, gif images, animation, shopping carts, contact forms, downloadable links, embedded videos, and many other features that can be built into a single design.

Our developers use familiar templates to give your website an original feel. The website templates are self-contained zip file downloads meaning they are easy to download and use. After you select your template, our developers will download and install the template for use. If you don’t have images or copy available, our marketing team is more than happy to work with you on crafting the perfect content for your website. We then plug-in the finalized images, copy, and more to enhance your website.

Web templates are an excellent resource for rapid web design. Why? In today’s mobile-driven world, templates cater to smartphones and other mobile devices. Over 1.2 billion people access the internet from their smartphones (Source: Pixel Union). This has had a tremendous impact on ecommerce in recent years. Customers now expect a user-friendly online shopping experience. If your website is not mobile-friendly or intuitive, you will lose potential customers. Our website templates are perfect for small business owners because they prepare your website for mobile-use.

We ensure that the most important information is available to customers instantly. Remember that online-users want the facts right away. A user-focused website helps meet potential customer needs in the moment. As mentioned, you’ll have the opportunity to choose the website template perfect for your business. Remember that templates are just the beginning. There’s no need to feel limited by one design alone. Our developers can make changes to the original templates so that your website is one of a kind.

Click here to get more websites template according to your industry

Houston Web Design Company: Our Process

Learn your business and design preferences

Consultation on your business and its website needs

Your business isn’t like the rest. We see our clients as our peers with specific needs, values, and goals. Before we set up your website, we assess your brand’s needs and preferences through a brief phone call or questionnaire. We work with you to ensure our services are tailored to your brand’s unique message.

Setup website hosting and choose website platform

Setup website hosting and domain

We build all of our websites through WordPress. WordPress is a user-friendly platform complete with plugins, tutorials, SEO analysis, and more. Once you’re comfortable with your website, you can use additional WordPress features to take your website to the next level.

Develop a rough draft of your website

Select a template out of 6 templates provided

Our standalone templates are built with HTML and CSS code which allow us to plug-in your site’s specific images and copy for an original feel. All our templates help create a fun and user-friendly experience for your visitors.

Launch the live version of your website

Review the rough draft

We’ll have a complete draft of your website in under 7 days. We’ll notify you when the website is ready for review. You’ll have the opportunity to send us any additional edits, questions, concerns etc. before we launch.

Maintain the website

Complete the website and Launch

Once we’ve received and implemented all additional changes, we’ll launch your website. We’ll transfer the finalized design from its temporary place to your domain. Your new website will be in its rightful place at last!

Setup website hosting and choose website platform

Website maintenance as needed

We are always here for you! Once the new website is up and running, we are just a phone call or email away should you have additional questions or concerns. Some clients prefer to maintain their own websites, while others need a little extra help along the way. Our support team will assist you with website performance, security, and updates as needed. We price our ongoing maintenance services on an hourly basis. This allows you to only pay for what you need.

Our Portfolio

Ashter signs

Ashter is a signs expert who brings talent, passion and over several years of experience to making of signs on which it works.
View the Website in Real Time

Qamar Construction

Qamar Construction was started by Zain in 1999. It started off as a company offering handyman services in Greater Houston Area to now providing residential and commercial construction. View the Website in Real Time

Nova Bariatrics

Using cutting-edge robotic technology to provide individualized medical and surgical care to our patients in DFW METROPLEX
View the Website in Real Time

Why Your Business Needs Rapid Web Design?

94% of people won’t trust a company with a poorly-designed website

First impressions matter, and for businesses in 2020, that means your website. A visually-appealing website will catch your visitors’ eyes and earn their trust. At MSDS Entrepreneurs, we build sites that reflect your brand and deliver a great first impression.

Investing in design will help your business stay on top of the competition

A custom website can help differentiate your business from your competitors. While you may be an expert in your field, your customers are more likely to trust an attractive, easy-to-use website. 89% of customers are more likely to take their business elsewhere (i.e. your competitors) after a poor website experience. If users can’t find important information on your site, they won’t stick around for very long. Our web team creates custom sites that are user-friendly. We focus on easy navigation tools, visually-pleasing graphics, clear CTAs, and optimized web speed.

74% of users access websites through their mobile devices.

There’s no way around it. In 2020, Websites must be mobile-friendly. Our custom websites stay on top of the latest trends. For example, mobile-marketing is destined to boom over the next few years. More people are conducting their shopping, researching, and even businesses from their smartphones. Our web team ensures that your custom website is looking sharp on desktops, tablets, and phones.

Websites can improve your social media presence.

A visually-pleasing website includes visible social media links. If your users are excited about your website, they are more likely to find your business on social media and share your content. A strong social media following will grow your brand and generate leads without you lifting a finger!

Highly Recommended by Locals On Alignable

In one week, your business will transform from no man’s land to talk of the town!


Why Work With US

Save Money

Houston based company

We take pride in being a Houston-based company. As one of the most diverse cities in the world, Houston is home to numerous professionals eager to grow their business. Our clients are successful entrepreneurs in the Houston-area and beyond. Just review our client portfolio and see what a Houston based company can do for the world.

Fast Turnaround

Saves money

We don’t believe an optimized website should cost your business an arm and a leg. That’s why our fast, affordable web design process, gets your website up and running without the high pricing of a larger company

Professional Service

Fast turnaround

Have we mentioned that we’ll complete your website in less than 7 days? As a business owner, you can’t afford to wait a month for that expert website to go live. Our web team works with you directly to ensure that your ideal website is up and running as soon as possible

Your Marketing Depends On It

Our team

We collaborate to make sure your brand gets high-quality online visibility. Our marketing/web development strategies are effective because each prospect gets an experience with your brand that feels unique and relevant to their needs.

Your Marketing Depends On It

Exceptional customer service

Our marketing and web development team takes its time with each partner. We work hard to understand and address every need and challenge you may have. We then use technology to make your life simpler, not more complicated. You are the reason we design affordable web design and inbound marketing packages. Let us help you maximize the return on your investment with digital solutions you can afford.

What we do?

MSDS Entrepreneurs is a Houston-based web design company with an in-house Marketing Team.

We deliver amazing websites complete with content that is strategically planned.

It’s not enough to simply fill your website with words. Because of technical algorithms, it’s important to write content with purpose. We’re a team of technology and digital marketing geeks who love finding ways to help our customers succeed in the online marketplace.

We carefully write content to give our clients online visibility from day one. That way, you get website visitors without ever lifting a finger!

Highly Recommended by Locals On Alignable

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