This Week’s Top SEO Tips for Small Businesses

Is your business ready for this week’s top SEO tips & stories?

Ready or not, here they are! SEO is easy when you have a strong team and longterm strategy. But as with everything in the marketing world, trends can change weekly if not at any given moment. MSDS Entrepreneurs is committed to keeping you up to date on the best SEO tips for small businesses.

We researched what the experts are saying this week about SEO for small businesses across all industries so you can boost your rankings across all platforms.


Voice Search is on the Rise



SEO Tips for Small Businesses


“Google, can you find the best shoe store near me?”

How many times have you or someone you know asked Google for recommendations, directions, etc. by speaking directly into the phone? Voice search is becoming increasingly popular among users, and it’s affecting what people type into the search engines and how.

Recent data from Brafton shows that 20% of queries are voice searches. With voice search on the rise, more people are likely to type the way they speak so be sure to select keywords and phrases that support this trend.


Get Customer Service Savvy



SEO Tips for Small Businesses


User experience can make or break a client base. When a customer visits your website or social media channel(s), they’re not going to waste time on a platform that’s difficult to navigate. In the world of technology, a poor user experience = bad customer service.

Fortunately, there are easy and low cost tools you can use to increase user satisfaction. The following digital-first approaches can keep your website visitors happy and informed:


  • Implement a live chat bot on your homepage
  • Increase page-load speed
  • Use clear and concise website copy
  • Maintain a weekly, SEO-friendly blog
  • Implement a simple and easy to use interface


Stick to these strategies so you can start building the longterm relationships every successful business knows how to maintain.



Video Content is Here to Stay



SEO Tips for Small Businesses

As 2020 continues, video content has increased in popularity. According to marketingland.com, over 62% of Google Universal searches are video. This is because video content is quick and easy for users to consume no matter where they are. Marketers love video because they are more likely to see an increase in ROI.

As mentioned, short term content can help you grow your following and improve your rankings in the search engine. Also, websites with embedded video content tend to improve their rankings. Consider creating short form video content, like a YouTube support video, so you can make your point in a quick and entertaining way.


Mobile Search Continues to Dominate



SEO Tips for Small Businesses



Like video content, mobile search isn’t going away anytime soon. In fact, they tend to go hand in hand! Use mobile search to your advantage. Mobile-friendliness is an SEO tip for small businesses that you don’t want to miss no matter the industry.

We recommend you take some time to see how your platforms perform from the mobile side of things. Even a detail as minor as poor font or spacing, could potentially cost you a client. Though users’ attention spans might be decreasing, the amount of time they spend on their phones will continue to rise.

Use this to your advantage so you can foster good relationships with clients and help them better understand your message.


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