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The MSDS Entrepreneurs Web Development Team has over 20 years experience in high tech web development. We use cutting edge technology to create a seamless digital workflow and groundbreaking digital experiences. Our team is committed to ongoing education and training so we can meet the growing demand for interactive, fast, and secure websites. We develop dynamic web pages using server side PHP technologies.

We leverage the power of the same framework used by technology giants like NASA and Netflix: Node JS. We are skilled in using the Node JS framework- MEAN stack (Express JS, Angular JS, Node JS, and Mongo DB) and MERN stack (Express JS, React JS, Node JS, and Mongo DB).

We specialize in the following areas

imageJava Script
imageNode JS (Angular JS and Reat JS)
imageCross-platform mobile app development
imagePHP development

Web Design vs. Web Development

Unless you’re a tech geek like us, you probably don’t know the difference between web design and web development. Even though these terms sound similar, they refer to two different aspects of website building. The skills needed to do either task are different. It’s important that you know the difference so you can hire the company most qualified to meet your needs. Let’s take a deeper look at what the differences below.


Web Design

Web design refers to how a website looks and how it’s used. This is the visual aspect. A web designer will consider colors, texts, images, graphics and layout. Designers ensure that your website looks pleasing and that your users will be able to easily navigate it.


Web Development

Web development is the phase where your website is brought to life! The web designer sends his/ her plans to the developer to create the website. In essence, the designers gives a picture of your website to the developer (programmer). Then, the web developer makes your fully functioning website using programming like HTML, CSS, Java Script, PHP and others.


     We are a turnkey solution for all of your digital needs. While some companies perform a part of your job before handing it off to a third party for completion, we do it all in-house. This saves you time and the expense of paying built-in third party fees. If you need a total digital solution to grow your business, contact us.

Our Web Development Process

The process begins when you let us know you need our help.
We schedule a kickoff meeting to help us understand your goals, objectives, challenges, and business process.
Thorough research allows us to present you with customized strategies that work.
We submit a formal proposal to you.Notice how much work we do before you commit.We do this because we care enough to only offer solutions that will work for you.
We begin an important part of the website design process called WireFrame.It’s like pencil-drawing a structure.It is critical for understanding how visual and functional elements of your web pages will work together.
We deliver a customized maintenance plan to you. A maintenance plan is especially helpful if you don’t have in-house website management personnel.
Content writing begins. Our content expert writes with the right tone to convey your brand’s voice. This allows website users to get to know your business as the unique organization it is. We place specific keywords for SEO optimization on every page.
Discovery meeting(s) for in-depth collaboration between you and our marketing team. Here, we analyze your competitors and exchange insights to better understand the goals you want to achieve.
You get mockups! A mockup is a scale image of how your website will look.
We integrate On Page SEO into your content.
The Real Magic begins (for us tech geeks anyway). Our team starts lines and lines of coding.

The tech team integrates Content Management Systems (CMS) into your website. CMS gives you more functionality and an easy way to manage the site on your own.
i. We use the following platforms:

  • 1. WordPress (most powerful CMS till now)
  • 2. Dupal
  • 3. Magento
A 15 day review period begins. We want your website to function perfectly. If there are any glitches, now’s the time to fix them.
Launch Day! Your website is live
Your website is just about ready; it’s time for Reviews & Changes