What is A-B Testing and How Does it Help Small Businesses?

What is A-B Testing and Why do You Need it?

At MSDS Entrepreneurs, we care about web development and inbound marketing strategies that help your business get results. A-B testing, also known as “bucket testing” compares two versions of a webpage to see which one performs better.  It’s not as complicated as it sounds. Here we’ll answer 1. what is A-B testing? and 2. How you and your business can use it to your advantage.

A-B testing uses empirical data so you can make the best decision on where your strategies need to improve. A-B testing helps you remain unbiased about the effectiveness of your content.

For example, perhaps you loved the copy and images of one landing page. A/B testing lets you see how your content performed by creating an identical page with just some slight variations. Now let’s say the original page doesn’t perform as well as the second page. A-B testing helps you make the tough calls. No one can argue with the evidence!

How A-B Testing Works

As mentioned, A-B testing helps you analyze a web page’s performance by comparing and contrasting its strengths with an almost identical web page. The results are all based on user experiences.

Users are shown either the original page or the variation. Once the results are in, you can see which page performed better overall. Check out this mock A-B test from optimizely.com


Each user’s experience is collected in an analytics dashboard. As you know, analytics are the keys to getting your business ahead of the game. 

With A-B testing analytics, you can see if the changes you made to the original page were effective or not. You can implement your findings into your next content strategy. Overtime, A-B testing will have a positive impact on your visitors.

The Best A-B Testing Tools for Small Businesses

Believe it or not, A-B testing is great for small businesses! Like other strategies and analytics tools, A-B testing can be expensive. Most small businesses don’t have the resources to spend tons of money on a simple test.

The following are the best A-B Testing Tools for small businesses so your business can outsmart the competition no matter the size.


HubSpot’s A-B Testing Kit

HubSpot has generously curated a free, downloadable A/B testing kit to get you started. The template includes a nice Intro to A/B Testing, a Significance Calculator, and Tracking Template. The tracking template lists all of your changes on a spreadsheet and includes a section for predictions and outcomes. This helps businesses stay on top of their ideas and how those ideas can boost engagement.



Freshmarketer is a marketing automation platform that comes with a heatmap, A/B testing tool, funnel optimization, etc. Freshmarketer has a paid and free plan. The free plan is fairly basic, but a little can go a long way!



Convert Experiences is a user-friendly, flicker-free, A/B testing & personalization tool that’s been used on 5,000 + websites by top brands. Convert offers small businesses with top experiences like advanced targeting, multi-page testing, post-segmentation, and a secure application programming interface (API)


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