What is SMO?: Social Media Optimization 101 -


What is SMO?

What is SMO?: Social Media Optimization 101

“What is SMO,” you might ask? You are not alone! Like SEO and SEM, social media optimization, or SMO is a necessary part of your inbound marketing strategy. Why should you care about SMO? Social media platforms help you connect with customers or clients directly. They provide easy ways to share valuable, original content, grow your brand, increase organic traffic, AND improve customer service.

If you’re still not convinced, check out the results from 2020’s social media report from Oberlo. 



What is SMO?


Users spend an average of three hours a day on social media and marketers worldwide are competing for their attention. 73% of those marketers believe that social media has been effective for their business. More than half of social media users claim they use social media platforms to research products before they make a purchase. Instagram and Facebook make it possible to purchase products without having to leave the app.



What is SMO?



Businesses and marketers have no choice but to stay on top of the ever changing world of social media. Remember that social media optimization uses social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. to manage and grow your business’s message. Not only do you get to advertise your products and services, but you can build a relationship with your potential customers by letting them get to know your brand.


This deepens the relationship by interacting with page visitors in post comments. The most popular social media platforms offer business users options to use low cost paid marketing. This feature helps you reach a larger audience of potential customers. 


What is SMO?


SMO gives CRO (Conversion rate optimization) which helps convert visitors into customers. A quality, trustworthy website can help boost CRO. When visitors come to your website, they want to know what you’re about and what others are saying about you and your top products. Social Media gives all the answers!


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What is SMO?


Our Social Media Marketing Package Includes:


  • Relationship building between client and customer through paid and organic content
  • Custom posts, videos, and images with expert comment monitoring. 30 social posts per month
  • Monthly sponsored blogs and microblogs
  • One-time social media events like social media contest or creating/promoting an event


Why Work With MSDS?

A Strong Team

We are proud to have an accomplished team with decades of combined experience in marketing, business development, sales, web design & development.


Fast Results

We get to work on your content marketing strategy right away so there’s no unreasonable wait for delivery. As soon as you’re ready we launch your plan at full power. You’ll start seeing results in as little as one month!


Affordable Options

Your budget is as important to us as it is to you. We create a plan that gets the most out of your predetermined budget without overspending because our team knows how to squeeze every ounce of value out of every tool we use. Best of all, we can break your payments into manageable installments.


Focused on Your ROI

We don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk. That means, we actually measure your ROI and report the results to you. We track your traffic and conversion rates to make sure we’re optimizing your budget for positive returns.



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